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This course is offered by Green Building Alliance, an industry leader with 20 years of experience. Our programs and initiatives have continually worked to raise awareness of and increase the market for sustainable buildings and products. As a chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council and a USGBC-accredited education provider, we are a trusted and established resource for all things related to healthy and high performing buildings. You can count on us to give you that competitive edge!

Manufacturer & Product Representative Training

Green Building Products Labeling and Certification Course:


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Green Product Certification is a growing trend in the Green Building Market. In fact, it is predicted that demand for green products could reach $70 billion by 2015. But with the hundreds of Green Labels on the market, are you positioned to take advantage of this opportunity? Whether you are a manufacturer considering a product certification or a salesperson seeking expertise, this course can offer a competitive edge, credibility, and the ability to reach new clients.

Green Building Courses:


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This comprehensive Green Associate LEED exam preparation subscription includes access to the following online resources and practice materials for
1 year.


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This course is a brief overview of the various types of environmentally friendly, renewable energy available today. Energy generation is also reviewed.


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Do you know the benefits of building with steel-it's inherently recyclable nature and its efficiency of assembly? Take this online interactive course to
learn more.

Sustainable Design Courses:


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This online interactive course provides an introduction to the integrated design process and presents several building design features representing the processes that were


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How do you define a material as sustainable or green? This course looks at characteristics, definitions, and how some of these terms may be at conflict with one another.


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This course reviews roofing insulation systems - Expanded polystyrene (EPS), Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso), Extruded polystyrene (XPS),
and Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF).

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In just one course, you will receive a
comprehensive overview of dozens
of certifications, including:

- Cradle to Cradle
- Carbon Label
- CRI Green Label
- CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council)
- Design for the Environment
- Eco Options
- Eco Logo
- Energy Star
- Floor Score
- Green Circle
- Green-e Energy
- Greener Product
- GreenGuard
- Green Seal
- Hazardous Substance Free
- ICC-ES Save
- NSF Sustainability
- NFRC (Nat. Fenestration Rating    Council)
- Sustainable Forestry Initiative
- SCS Material Content Verification
- Sustainability Certified
- Water Sense

Plus Dozens More!!

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